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conceptual work

an exploration of the interplay between language & art  

A reimagining of my novel

"All We Had"

 This piece reflects the way I wrote my novel: treating each section as a planetary system to be experienced, not linearly but holistically, all at once and as a whole, the way you would the natural world or a painting. 

 14' long description

the length of the word on each oval determines the length of its extending rod ~

~ the entire story is printed in sequence on the reverse side of the ovals ~

"The wind picks up a piece of garbage; a flattened out paper cup rises up off the pavement and hits her in the face. She brushes it away casually, like a strand of hair, as if she’s used to things flying up and hitting her."

These are sample of the drawings I do to help me think when I write.  

© annie weatherwax 2020

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